Dev_Test - Picture Viewer Case Study
July 1, 2017
July 6, 2017
Technologies Used

This project was give as a "test" for me to show off my development and design chops, while also hopefully learning something in the process. The summary points of the project came out to be this:

  • Create a picture-viewing application
  • Pictures would come from an API endpoint given to me. This endpoint required me to supply latitude and longitude data of the location of the current user using the app.
  • On each picture, have the ability to have a 'detail view', in which the information of the picture is displayed as well. This information is gained from another API endpoint given to me, in which I had to supply an id given to me from every picture

And that's about it. I wanted to try experimenting with flex-boxes more, as well as new way of presenting with the pictures. Flex-boxes are very powerful in laying out a series of items, so I was able to get a good setup from that. The hardest challenge was getting all of my animations to line up into being a good user experience, and coding that.

Overall it works out pretty well though. There is some definite room for improvement, but that's just another exploration for me to handle. A copy of the project should be available on this site here pretty soon, so I'll link it on this page when it is.