Mordor Challenge
June 8, 2017
June 15, 2017
Technologies Used

*Phew*, what a project!

I started this one because I felt that I could get better in my overall programming skills, and also because it is a screening test for a programming position that I applied for. For the first part of the challenge, I was asked to implement a "FizzBuzz" program in the functional programming language Haskell. For the second part, I had to implement a palindrome testing program in two different languages (and an optional third one), and I chose Python and Ocaml. Of course, since I'm an over-achiever, I of course went for the extra credit and wrote the same program in Swift.

These last three programs would read a .txt file, parse the input, check to see if the string they obtained was a palindrome, and then write specific output into the console for each case. For each of my programs, I also had to document them thoroughly in Markdown to have the programs be easily runnable by the staff that would be testing the program out.

All in all, even though there were some real frustrations (I'll probably cry if I ever have to use OCaml again) and fall-throughs, I was really proud of myself of the fact that I was able to write four fairly robust programs that completely met all of the goals that were required of me.