Thirsting For Wholeness
May 6, 2017
May 20, 2017
Technologies Used

Due to previous projects (that are uncompleted as of writing this), I had already learned basic WordPress necessities, like knowing how to set up your site locally, transferring MySQL databases, and the admin menu. This project helped me to gain a greater understanding of WordPress development that I hadn't been exposed to before. Key subjects like Template Hierarchy, the importance of slugs as a whole, and best practices for SEO.

Template hierarchy is a very important subject for WordPress, as it allows the developer to selectively provide custom code and design for areas of a website that are needed, really reducing the amount of time needed to get pages designed and functioning how they should.

Before & After: What site looked like before I was asked to work on it (black theme), what site currently looks like (brighter tree-background theme).

I had a good time building this site. The client requested a redesigned site to be more in the times with current web practices, regarding design and functionality, as well as a greater focus of the services that are offered. I told the client that I would get the re-design done in about two weeks, and I was able to do just that.